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No agreement with Israel, Netanyahu is not trustworthy -HAMAS



After four days of struggle regarding the ceasefire, Hamas’ statement has finally come. SD24 News had already made it clear that the ceasefire could happen only on Hamas’s terms. Today the Chief of Hamas refused a ceasefire, saying that Netanyahu is not trustworthy. There is no guarantee that it will stop the attacks after the ceasefire and the release of prisoners.


For the last four days, ceasefire discussions were going on with Hamas under the mediation of Qatar and Egypt. America is also putting pressure on Netanyahu, Netanyahu is also surrounded by his own people, Netanyahu’s chair is in danger. The jail bars are waiting for Netanyahu. In such a situation, Netanyahu knelt down. Talks about a ceasefire with Hamas were carried out through Qatar and Egypt, after three days of efforts, today the Chief of Hamas called Netanyahu “La-Aitbar” and said that there will be no ceasefire. We cannot trust Netanyahu.



What action will Israel take after the international insult, what will be the attitude of Britain and America, we will give detailed information on all these on our “YouTube” channel tonight.

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