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The IRGC issued a report (No. 4) revealing more details:



Thanks to the intelligence efforts of the IRGC, we attacked, last night, the central and main spy headquarters of the MOSSAD in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and destroying it, as well as attacking the leaders and key elements involved in terrorist activities in the country, especially ISIS.


During this operation, the targets were hit and destroyed completely and accurately, using 24 ballistic missiles.

We affirm once again that the offensive operations of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) will continue until the last drop of blood of the martyrs is avenged.



IRGC Commander Hajizadeh published statistics on last night’s attack:

• Launch of 4 Khaybar Shekan missiles from southern Khuzestan.
• 4 launches from Kermanshah to Erbil
• 7 launches from East Azerbaijan to Erbil
• 9 launches additional launches towards Takfiris & ISIS in Syria

– Note: With the launch of 24 missiles, last night’s operation by the IRGC marked Iran’s largest missile operation to date.

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