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worthless PM Netanyahu will be removed from the government, Israel Parliament decision



Today’s biggest news is that Netanyahu will pick up his bag and leave, on the way the Israeli police will pick him up and send him to jail. The news is that the Israeli Knesset, i.e. Parliament, has decided to remove Netanyahu from the government. According to reports, Netanyahu has been badly defeated in the Hamas-Israel war that started after October 7. Netanyahu was proved a failure by saying in the Parliament that despite spending billions of rupees, thousands of kilograms of gunpowder and thousands of soldiers from October 7 till today, he could not release even a single prisoner. And couldn’t find a single tunnel. In Parliament, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu was described as the world’s most rejected and incompetent Prime Minister. Two days ago, Israel’s Defense Minister had scolded Netanyahu and for the second time also threatened to bring the Golani Brigade and beat him up. Today in the Israeli Parliament, along with the opposition, MPs from the ruling party were also seen standing against Netanyahu.





Let us tell you that, if Netanyahu is removed from office, he will be arrested due to the cases that have been going on against him for two years.

The Israeli Defense Minister said, yesterday we were saddened by the death of twenty-four of our soldiers. All the soldiers were like our best sons, who came from all parts of the country, North and South, from everywhere. The painful news of his death was received, which is a strong blow for us.



Yesterday there was a major disaster for the Israeli army in Gaza, in which twenty-four Israeli officers and soldiers were killed. This is a small part of the price that Israeli war criminals have paid for the massacre of thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians.

Those who massacred twenty-four thousand innocent Palestinians are feeling the pain of the death of twenty-four cowards. Isn’t it amazing?



Officer Eli Levi, seen on the screen, was among the soldiers killed by the Mujahids yesterday. This week, in an interview given to Israeli Channel Twelve, he had said that we will come back soon.

After the death of twenty-four IDF soldiers in the southern area of Khan Yunis, ten more Israeli soldiers were killed in different places today. Let us tell you that, we give the figures according to the official statement, in reality this figure can be at least four times more.


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Today Palestinian mujahids detonated a bomb in a room full of Israeli soldiers in western Khan Yunis. In which three soldiers were killed and many were injured.


Netanyahu and the entire establishment of Israel got the biggest blow so far, each blow is increasing Netanyahu’s problems, while on the other hand it is reducing the distance between Netanyahu and the prison bars. According to the IDF statement, seven soldiers have been killed in clashes with Hamas mujahids in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.


On the one hand, fierce clashes continue between the Palestinian resistance and the IDF in Kizan Abu Rashwan, Khan Yunis, while on the other hand, Hezbollah completely destroyed the Miron Air Surveillance Center in northern Israel.

According to the Israeli Haaretz news agency, senior Israeli army commanders have now realized that Hamas’s tunnels are more complicated than they thought, and the commander said that even if we take a second birth, we will be successful in destroying Hamas’s tunnels. Will not happen.

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