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The biggest revelation in history: Seculars destroyed Muslims



Women’s Reservation Bill is an anti-OBC women’s bill, we came to know about this from the secular opposition, Rahul Gandhi has been shouting loudly for two days, Rahul Gandhi raised his voice to the sky by shouting, created a lot of ruckus in the Parliament too. While speaking against this bill on the streets, Rahul Gandhi got choked up, he shouted so much in the Parliament that we thought, now the big Muslim-free alliance of the opposition, India Alliance, will not vote for the bill being passed against OBC women, but what happened? All seculars voted in favor of BJP and against OBC women, and thus the anti-OBC women bill was passed, and BJP’s agent is Owaisi, who voted against BJP with one of his parliamentarians.


Triple Talaq bill was made with the help of seculars, NRC, CAA were made with the help of seculars, TADA, POTA, UAPA laws were made with the help of secular opposition, all Dalit anti-Muslim bills were passed with the help of seculars, Muslims were annihilated in seventy years. There is no need to provide proof of the visits of seculars during the government, the report of Sachar Commission is enough, which was also constituted by the secular government.



Gujarat’s Ehsan Jafri was eliminated by the secular Congress, Bihar’s Shahabuddin was eliminated by the secular Lalu, UP’s Azam Khan was eliminated by the secular Samajwadi, now it is the turn of Noah’s Mamman Khan.


What happened in the secular period? Godra incident happened, Congress was at the Centre, Muzaffar Nagar happened, there was secular socialist in the state, Babri Masjid was also demolished by seculars, massacre of Muslims in Bhagalpur also happened during secular period, fifty-two thousand innocent Muslims were put in jail in the name of terrorism by seculars.



The condition of India alliance is such that they want Muslim votes one-sidedly but will maintain silence on Muslim issues, shops of love will open all over the world but they will forget the way to the homes of Muslim victims.


If any MLA or MP from their party becomes a victim of the oppression of power, they will maintain such silence that the silence itself will die by drowning in a little water out of shame. Leaving aside the excuse that if we speak for Muslims, Hindu votes will slip away, we will do nothing except condole the atrocities on Muslims, for the last four days a singer of Secular Congress has been wandering on Twitter complaining about the arrest of Maman Khan.



In the name of political participation of Muslims, it will be limited to only a few seats, they will get only a few seats in the name of ticket distribution and portfolio in the government.


Seculars will also ruin the lives of Muslim youth on false allegations of terrorism, they will force Muslims to flee and destroy them in the fire of riots, today Muslims are being attacked every day, mosques, dargahs are being demolished, Muslim settlements are being attacked. Secular Rahul Gandhi of Secular Congress is shouting Adani-Adani, and the All India Alliance is not paying any attention to it. But as soon as political questions are asked, they will immediately call Muslim parties B-team.



India Alliance people are calling Asaduddin Owaisi as the B team of BJP. More than a hundred MPs in BJP are Congressmen, and let us tell you that only two votes were cast against the Women’s Reservation Bill, one by Imtiaz Jalil and the other by Asaduddin Owaisi. Today it has been proved that all the secular parties are not only the B team of BJP but are the worker lobby of BJP, which works to transfer votes by luring Muslims and Dalits.


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1 Comment

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