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Mourning in news rooms: Godi Media’s grain water will be closed, #sd24_news #indiaalliance



TV news has become very poisonous, anchors scream like dogs, panelists fight like cocks, anchors fight cocks, the public watches with dismay. Do you have any solution to this disease? Please let us know by commenting.


Half of India’s population has stopped watching news bulletins of TV channels long ago. Half of the population believes that TV anchors bark/fight worse than dogs. Poor dogs are infamous for no reason. When there is time, we immediately put our tails down and take them out. But these bad people keep playing with enmity in mind.



There is mourning in the poison shops i.e. newsrooms, the faces of Godi media anchors started looking distraught, the India alliance has released such a list of 14 sycophants, after seeing which there is an uproar on social media, no one can say that they are brokers. Some are saying poisonous snakes, while others are saying it is cancer spreading in the society. Godi’s supporters started coming forward openly and started supporting their sycophants, not only in the country but also in the abroad, Godi media’s sting has started ringing, it is becoming very loud. The Godi media is about to stop feeding, widows have started mourning by beating their chests.


According to sources, as soon as they got wind of the fact that India Alliance is going to release another list, many people lost their senses.



Now the same Godi media is talking about expression, talking about journalism, talking about freedom of the press, but one thing is not understood, that if someone is refusing to send its spokesperson, then it How can it be called an attack on journalism? How can journalism be banned? Godi media does not even know the meaning of boycott and ban, but it knows very well the art of spoiling the atmosphere of the country.


Social activist Avi Dagia released a video and said, you people have no idea how these Godi media people are just instilling hatred in your children and making them criminals. Today, if this Godi does not stop watching the media, and does not socially boycott these people, then these people will keep turning the government Hindus and your children into new crickets, please think about it.

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1 Comment

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