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Natesh, Venkatesh and Somasekhar 3 arrested in Rice Puller scam || Anti Iron



3 arrested in Rice Puller scam by Bengaluru police for running a the rocket of the rice puller (anti iron) machine in Bengaluru and other parts of the state. They cheated people out of large sums of money.


The three individuals were accused of duping the public by pretending to own a very expensive rice pulling machine in Bengaluru and selling it to the public with the promise that the rice puller mission would cost crores of rupees. The scheme involved convincing gullible people that a strange element caused the rice to move towards her, and that this element fell to the ground during lightning strikes (especially if it struck a vessel) and had the power to draw things to her. Simple magic tricks were used for this rice grains scattered they were pulled around the vessel by the force of the material.



Natesh, Venkatesh and Somasekhar 3 arrested in Rice Puller scam || Anti Iron


3 arrested in Rice Puller scam by Bengaluru police


The accused were identified as Natesh (44), Venkatesh (47) and Somasekhar (47). They were arrested along with the machine and cars used by the accused. Besides, 332 grams of gold and Rs 28 lakh were recovered from the accused, which were taken from the public. A criminal complaint was filed against them in Halasuru Gate Police Station.



Police said the accused took millions of rupees from the public by claiming to have a very expensive rice puller machine worth millions of rupees to sell to the public.


Natesh is specifically accused of cheating the public and cases have been registered against him both at Nanjangud Town Police Station and Halasuru Gate Police Station. This is not the first time such fake tricks have been used.



The gang claimed that the “rice puller” was intended for use in satellites and nuclear weapons and that NASA and ISRO he would buy it for thousands of crores of rupees. Many victims, including several politicians, succumbed to these ridiculous claims and ended up paying millions.


Natesh, a retired constable, along with Venkatesh and Somashekhar had earlier worked as a police officer in CAR in 2007 when he was a constable. However, after losing money in the rice business, he left the police force and began a career in real estate. He later got involved in the same fraudulent business of hauling rice along with two other accused. The police took legal action against them for their fraudulent conduct.



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