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How to convince wife?



How to convince wife

How to convince wife?

1- Your mutual understanding should be better.
2. There should be logic in your words.
3 Your communication should be simple and clear.
4- Instead of a husband as a dictator, make the wife a participant in your decisions.
5-There should be a place for acceptance of newness in your nature and openness in thoughts.
6- As a husband, no person should have stubborn nature.
7- You should maintain the well-being and mutual trust of your married life while living in the society.
8- In case of any doubt or doubt, do not get the litmus test of mutual trust done by any third party. Resolve the doubt only by mutual consent and effort.
9- Do not make your wife your rival at any point of life, rather make her your honest ally.
10 — Every decision of yours should not be final and binding for the wife. In those decisions there should be a place for the liveliness of the wife’s thoughts and her happiness and unhappiness.
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