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What rule do you follow for intraday trading ?



What rule do you follow for intraday trading

What rule do you follow for intraday trading?

Intraday is one of the riskiest and one of the most rewarding segments in the stock markets.
But in order to do intraday trading, we have to follow some rules!
Always be ready with the list of stocks you need for intraday trading!
Don’t enter before 9:30am as huge buy and sell orders have been placed so the movement is quite volatile.
Always make sure you put a stop loss on every trade.
Much more important is the risk reward. It’s usually 3:1.
Learn more than you earn. Learning is a lifelong process.
Always listen to the charts and not your heart.
Keep calm while trading.
Always check the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily charts for confirmation.
If possible, meditate before you start trading.
Don’t follow TV people because they never share their failure stories.
Always trade with a disciplined approach.
Trust your knowledge and trade without fear.
If you fail, take it as a learning experience and be consistent.
These are a few rules to keep in mind when trading the intraday trade!
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