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You know What is the Ripple currency?



You know What is the Ripple currency

You know What is the Ripple currency?

Ripple is a program designed to process a significant amount of money transfer and exchange transactions. Similar to the Bitcoin network, the RIpple or RTXP protocol is based on a distributed document that allows payments to be made with many real-world assets such as gold or miles.
Ripple was first used in 2004 by Ryan Fugger and was later fully launched as a separate protocol in 2012, with the main aim of ensuring “secure, fast and virtually global services of any size without charge”.
Ripple is very dangerous and accessible – until now it is being tested by international banks as a means of exchange in the digital space. The XRP Ledger can handle 1,500 transactions per second, compared to the tof of Ethereum 15 per second and Bitcoin 7 per second and is the most secure and efficient way to manage transactions worldwide.
XRP, or Ripple native currency, is used to run RTXP. It is currently divided into 6 decimal places, with a very small unit called 1 draw. 1 million decreases = 1 XRP.
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