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Turkey shook the world, Supre Power country was blown to pieces. Osman Ghazi seen in Erdogan.



Turkey shook the world, Supre Power country was blown to pieces. Osman Ghazi seen in Erdogan.

Turkey shook the world, Supre Power country was blown to pieces. Osman Ghazi seen in Erdogan.

At this time, Turkey has reached that stage for which it was waiting for 100 years. As soon as Turkey completes 100 years, it has given a shock to the country from which big super powers start trembling. Turkey showed red eye to that bastard country which enters its neighboring countries and occupies the lands.
Turkey has given sleepless nights to that country, against which even the self-declared Vishwaguru hesitates before speaking. Turkey reminded that country of its status against which people sew their tongues to avoid uttering a single word. Turkey has played brick by brick against the country in front of which Pakistan performs Mujra.
Turkey has made the whole world feel its power at such a time. Turkey has completed 100 years, Turkey has firmly set its foot. The bugle has been sounded all over the world that Turkey is going to re-establish the Sultanate of Osmania.
Turkey first taught a lesson to the liver pieces of Arabs, then taught a lesson to the hidden liver rings of Arabs that often try to enter Masjid Al-Aqsa. Turkey taught a lesson to Pakistan’s Lakhte Jigar, Noore Nazar China and alerted that if it does not stop the atrocities on Muslims in the name of religion, then it will be made Amir Saadain.
And in return, China cannot uproot even a single hair of Turkey, because messing with Turkey is like messing with NATO. And by messing with NATO, China will not invite its death. Turkey taught China such a lesson that China’s condition became like that of a snake that has caught a mole, it can neither swallow nor spit, if it swallows it will die, if it spits it out it will become blind.
Erdogan said that Turks have never bowed down before the dreaded Mongols, nor before the ruins of conspiracies, the British. In such a situation, China’s tongue is stuck in the throat. And hands in the ass. China had started weighing everyone in the same scales, but Turkey made it understand that it has the scales of justice, it will neither be afraid of arrows nor swords nor guns nor cannons.
Turkey explained to China properly that the eagle should come, otherwise it will not take long to show its status. If China oppresses Muslims in the name of religion, then it will not take long to pull the land from under the feet of the oppressors.
Turkey has opposed the oppression of Uighur Muslims in China, after which earthquakes and cracks in the walls were seen in Chinese palaces, as well as Pakistan trembled in front of China. After which China’s backyard caught fire and he became very upset.
The world was shocked when Turkey heard such a thing regardless of China, and the super power clenched its teeth, Pakistan’s most shameful act regarding the oppression of Uyghur Muslims, Pakistan has become China’s informer and its pet, Performs mujra in front of China.
Neither Pakistan nor its masters have the capacity to utter a single word against the oppression of Chinese Muslims. Liberal Pakistan, which calls itself a Muslim nation, has sold its conscience. Turkey has also indirectly explained to Pakistan that its conscience is alive and gold and silver coins cannot buy its faith.
Atheist countries who eat insects, snakes, scorpions, pigs, dogs and cats, China is being criticized all over the world for targeting Muslims, the messiah of atheists, in the name of religion.
America always listens to the stories of atrocities on Muslims in China, but Turkey, going two steps ahead of that, explained directly, that Turkey will not think even for a moment to play brick by brick, tear apart, lose sleep.
For the first time someone has spoken against China, it is Turkey, after which there has been an earthquake in China, China had demanded to hand over the Uyghur Muslims settled in Turkey, rejecting the demand, Turkey hit it in the face. , Because 50 thousand Muslims living in Turkey have now become citizens of Turkey.
After trampling China’s demand under its feet, China’s condition has become thinner than before, because even big countries do not have the courage to show China’s disloyalty.
It is news that on the basis of the report of the United Nations last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pulled the ear of China. After which the chi came out of the throat of China, which roared in front of the whole world.
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