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Be careful wherever you see this woman



Be careful wherever you see this woman
She changed her name, used fake IDs, took men and women on dates, offered them drinks laced with sleep-inducing drugs, photographed them and looted everything they owned. An unemployed woman who became an expert in crime. The police had to carefully plan her capture.

Sayali Kale (27), a resident of Sadhu Vaswani Road, laid off from BCA, was working at a call center before she lost her job during the blockade. Her widowed mother is mentally ill and on medication. She devised a powerful plan to rob men and blackmail women:
Be careful wherever you see this woman

Use dating apps Bumble and Tinder to meet and meet men and women from other states (she didn’t choose victims from her state, probably to make it hardest for victims to find support)

Use her mother’s medicine to drug her and capture her.
Catching married men to shame them into filing a police report.
Strip unconscious women, photograph them and blackmail them for blackmail.
Ashish Kumar, a career guide from Chennai, told the police that he matched Sayali, who used the name Shikha. He took a drink of water from her bottle while they talked. When they reached the hotel, he passed out and Sayali took his phone, gold ring and chain. With another victim, she used an ID that belonged to her ex-girlfriend, whom the police contacted to get more information about Sayali. They urged other victims to come forward. Four men have filed a complaint, while no female victim has come forward.
The police received no support from Bumble. As more complaints were registered, they decided to use Sayali’s method to get her. Undercover cops created fake profiles on Bumble and Tinder. Initially, Sayali did not accept matches from them, but when they created female profiles, she connected with them. When she called one of the women, the police took the chance to arrest her.

Sayali Kale preys on at least 16 men in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad per year. She was in possession of Rs 15 lakh cash, more than 200 gm of gold and several smartphones.
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