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Anti Iron, Rice Puller, torch cutting chemical formula



Anti Iron, Rice Puller, torch cutting chemical formula

Anti Iron, Rice Puller, torch cutting chemical formula

Where is the rice puller available?
Rice extractors are any antique metal object that has the magical potential to extract grains of rice. Rice pullers are made of copper alloys or the element iridium. This type of metal has a natural electrical energy or magnetic force that makes them highly valuable. 

Rice drawing properties are commonly found in objects made of copper and iridium, such as coins, vessels, glasses, and jewelry. These metals are very rare; make it valuable. It has been reported that rice extractors are mostly found in rural areas, remote areas, mostly buried underground.
Where can I sell my rice extractor?
There is no open market and it has to be tested by an authorized tester then only its value can be judged which can be arranged in any of these 4 cities only New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Secundrabad and it costs with accommodation and boarding up down expenses have to be exposed by you, if it is ok with you, please contact me, I can arrange a buyer.

What people really don’t know is that RP has nothing to do with Iridium. The excessive price is not due to the iridium that is present in RP.
RP actually contains one of the most potential elements, and this element is one of the rarest of the rare elements. I would hate to give away the key content of the RP here on this Quora. After doing deep and constant research for more than a decade, I have come across many people who have grayed their hair and beard but still have misconceptions about RP.


I recently met a filthy rich man from Maharashtra who was able to sell his article and I verified with him my findings and understanding of the element and content of the article that makes it so valuable.
RP is real. The deal is real, but real RP is very very very rare. If you really have a real one, let me know. Post your contact information. A deal is easy if your terms are easy, otherwise the terms will worsen and make the deal impossible.

What are the uses of Metal Rice Puller?
The only known use of copper iridium alloy is to separate fools from their money. Rice pullers were offered to do everything from drawing rice, grain and other non-metallic materials onto them and pulverizing them, or creating other magical conditions such as turning off the ignition system of a bus until it was wrapped in several layers of carbon paper.

The Indian government prosecuted more than 80 sellers of the rice thresher during its height of hype.
What Kinds of Chemicals to Use to Make Rice Pulling Coins?
The best place to make a rice extractor is in your dreams.
They don’t exist in real life and in some rural areas of India it is mainly a scam.
If you follow some instructions to create one of these . please don’t stand on the road to stop the bus

Alloys of copper and iridium have no special properties and do not exist for any purpose. Some have reported copper-iridium coins dated to the early 16th century in India pulling rice.. Iridium was not discovered or reported until the early 19th century!


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