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Nora Fatehi’s video leaked, created a ruckus in Bollywood



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Does Nora Fatehi have a large fortune?

Yes. Her talent. He has a great person and a great dancer.
The twisted meaning of assets does injustice to her true assets.
We must respect artists for their art rather than a sex object. We never say that Nick Jonas has “great butts”!

Is Nora Fatehi cute or hot?
Nora is both! She is blessed with a childlike innocent face which can be very cute to many people.
But she also has a sizzling hot body that can boil oceans. She is one of those unique actresses who can be cute and hot at the same time.
Another example is Rakul Preet. She can be really cute, bubbly and charming. But he also has a bomb in his body that can set screens on fire.
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