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Additional closures in Kerala: All stores, except for essential services, remain closed ….



Additional closures in Kerala All stores, except for essential services, remain closed ....

Additional closures in Kerala: All stores, except for essential services, remain closed ….

Thiruvananthapuram: Additional lock restrictions imposed to monitor the distribution of COVID-19 and to reduce the level of testing intensity began in Kerala on Saturday.

Additional ratings will take effect until Wednesday (June 9). The lock, which was available, is scheduled to end on Wednesday.
The State has deployed more police personnel to ensure strict enforcement of the restrictions. Rest for closing procedures is allowed for those who provide essential services.

Limitations and rest
Businesses that specialize in materials, industrial materials (including packaging), building materials (including electricity and plumbing) can work. Some shops and facilities must be closed.

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Those who are allowed to travel within Kerala, including service providers, are not required to carry negative COVID-19 certificates. Those who come from outside the State, however, must have a certificate.

A guide for community organizations
Residential organizations in apartment buildings must verify the internal flow services, if any residents have been tested COVID-19 positive. The full numbers (s) of COVID-19 patients (s) should be shown to other citizens, and health, police and organization / panchayat officials should be notified. Full care should be taken so as not to prevent patients.

Offices from Thursday
Government offices, parastatals, public sector units, companies and commissions will operate at 50 percent of their staff capacity from June 10 only. Earlier it was announced that the offices will be working with half the staff from June 7.


The government, however, has released parents of various children with disabilities, serious illnesses, and children facing physical and mental challenges to office.
Pregnant women, those who are scheduled to have – and have recently had implants – organs, and patients in need of dialysis, have also been discharged from office. Those who undergo extensive surgery can find a place to work from home for up to a month.

Disaster management agencies have announced that employed mothers of children under the age of one can also work at home as long as order is maintained.
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