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The chemical that defuse the torch bulb and Anti Iron ।। RR, MR



A chemical that destroys the lamp bulb and its action in detail
Which chemical is applied to the copper metal that destroys the filament of the 2.4 burner bulb can you tell me the chemical name

because rice is carbohydrates {hydrogen carbon} so. During the chemical reaction, the rice defenetly shrinks. When the rice is puffed up, it turns black.
And his also fails the 2.4v torch bulb filament fails when the torch is aimed at the copper metal then the torch filament fails by chemical reaction.
The chemical that defuse the torch bulb ।। Anti Iron Chemical Name, Formula

And another is the iron and magnet normally attracting south to north r north to south field. At the same time its two repulsions south to south r north to north.

And which chemical produces or releases high radiation power
1. The chemical used in DRP (Defused Resistance Protection) to destroy the torch bulb is sodium bicarbonate.
2. Sodium bicarbonate is a white, crystalline solid commonly used as a leavening agent in baking.

3. When sodium bicarbonate is heated, it releases carbon dioxide gas, which helps lower the bulb’s temperature and prevents it from exploding.
4. DRP is a safety feature used in flashlights to prevent accidental explosions due to overheating.
5. DRP can also be used to protect other electrical components from overheating, such as batteries and capacitors.

rare Purified Red Sulphur

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