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There are a number of institutions providing investment banking courses in India.



There are a number of institutions providing investment banking courses in India.

There are a number of institutions providing investment banking courses in India.

Recently, the most famous is “The Wallstreet School” for following the most transparent placement process in the industry (read paragraph 5 for an explanation).
I may sound biased since I have already taken their course. However, the pointers below can very well be verified online (I assume you can google :p)

My background:
I have quite a depressing story after graduation as I literally lost my way after two failed attempts in CAT. Month after month, I took gaps, literally sitting at home and doing nothing
Regarding your question, The Wallstreet School is the Brainchild of former investment bankers from Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs. From the point of view of quality, no other institute has a chance to compare in the quality parameter. You can go through the faculty credentials of each of the competitors and you’ll “get” what I’m trying to say.

Secondly, TWSS is known to reveal real FB and Linkedin accounts of previously placed candidates, which gives TRANSPARENCY in placements another level. You can view them on their own websites for your reference.
After a complete gap of 8 months in my profile after graduation (I was looking for a job in Core finance, which I couldn’t, I only had a B com degree in hand). I came across a Senior Investment Banker profile on Linkedin. I passed the certifications on his profile.
It said “The Wallstreet School – 6 weeks full time”. I messaged him to take feedback and he joined TWSS 135th batch.

The trainers are the co-founders themselves – Himanshu Jain and Manoj Goyal. Their case study approach gave me real insight into what really goes on INSIDE companies. Last week I started getting calls for interviews and finally at the end of the training I had 2 offers in hand.
I have undoubtedly benefited from mock interviews, but I have realized one thing. Getting a job means having CONTACTS in the industry.
In my opinion, many people don’t join here for knowledge, but to build their network and get referrals
There are a number of institutions providing investment banking courses in India.


In order to choose the best investment banking for your career, there are certain parameters to avoid any bias for anyone. Those parameters are:
1. Duration
2. Course content
3. Quality of coaches and mentors
4. Internships and Internships
5. Return on investment. 
Graduates of the field of finance specializing in investment banking will find employment in any financial organization. Every organization needs an investment manager who can handle their assets, loans and can plan an efficient investment process path. So the scope of this course is extremely important. Taking all these points into consideration, I came across the platform i.e. Finocontrol. 
In this pandemic, online platforms have gained an edge and finocontrol is a great support in the same line. And when you compare the fee structure with the other top options, you’ll find that it’s the best at hand with all the great speakers and other options they give you. For all other information you can visit
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