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How to solved Ghaziabad extramarital affair case after four years?



How to solved Ghaziabad extramarital affair case  after four years?
It is eerily similar to the recent Meerut murder. Savita was in a relationship with her neighbor Anil Kumar. It continued secretly even after she married Chandra Vir in Sikrod village. She was morally corrupt; Chandra caught her in the act with Anil and he beat her up several times… making her even stronger by leaning on Anil

Chandra went missing on 28 September 2018. Savita filed a case of kidnapping and accused Chandra’s younger brother, while the brother filed a separate missing person case. The police were unable to find any leads. The case was eventually closed. Recently, after 4 years of inaction, the police got a lead after Chandra’s daughter (16) claimed that her mother and a neighbor (Anil) were involved. The interrogation of the murderous pair revealed the reality.

Savita and Anil planned to get rid of Chandra and started making preparations days before his disappearance. They dug a deep pit in Anil’s house. On the night of September 28, Chandra returned home drunk and went to bed. Savita called Anil and they fired a single bullet into Chandra’s head using a country pistol, killing him instantly. They cut the body into pieces and buried it deep in a pit. Anil continued to live at that place.
How to solved Ghaziabad extramarital affair case  after four years

A pit has been dug and Chandra’s remains are exhumed. The gun used in the murder and the ax used for the digging were found.

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