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How to Prepare for AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam and Interview?



How to Prepare for AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam and Interview

How to Prepare for AAI Junior Executive ATC Exam and Interview?

Airports Authority of India or AAI is a Miniratna PSU functioning under the authoritative guidance of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. AAI creates, maintains, upgrades and manages civil aviation infrastructure in India.

It currently manages 137 airports (23 international airports, 81 domestic airports, 23 civilian enclaves at defense airports and 10 customer airports). Its headquarters are in Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, New Delhi.
For the post of Junior Executive (Air Traffic Control), the selection process has 2 main stages i.e. online exam is followed by document verification round and voice test.

The selected candidates are usually three times the number of available seats. The trials will be held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
Remember you should have English as a subject in your 10+2.

After selection you need to achieve level 4 ICAO test.
What is ICAO??
ICAO is an English test that measures how good you are at understanding and speaking English. You will be given a piece of paper that contains some phrases related to aviation. This test is to find out how effectively you can communicate with the pilot on a day-to-day basis. That’s basically the purpose of a voice test.


Now some tips for AAI Junior Executive ATC voice test:
The purpose of this voice test is only to check your pronunciation and ability to communicate with the pilot and other officials in the field.
They will give you a short article or paragraph containing lines that are examples of everyday conversations for ATC. You will be expected to read the content aloud for the test panel to assess your pronunciation and fluency.
Don’t be nervous. Nervousness can lead to stuttering and forgetfulness. This will negatively affect your performance.
Watch videos and learn the desired pronunciation of numbers, alphabets, etc.
Speak fluently with natural pauses as the sentence requires. Try to avoid pauses in undesirable positions in the sentence.
Avoid sounds like “uhm”, “mmmm” for thinking when you speak. Take time to think and formulate sentences in your head before you start speaking.

Expect the following types of topics during the Voice Test:
Why are you interested in Job?
How did you get to the test venue?
Why do you think you would be good for the job?
In addition, they may ask you about other things, which will not be difficult to answer. Candidates have nothing to worry as this test is only to assess your communication and not your knowledge. You may also be asked to read aloud the content written on a piece of paper.
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