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Video – How To Stay Young and Beautiful Forever ?? Let’s Know Today ।।



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Video – How To Stay Young and Beautiful ?? Forever  Let’s Know Today ।।

Practice good hygiene: brush your teeth, floss once in a while, scrape your tongue, scrub your face, shave, smell and moisturize.

Wash your hair. People can see it when it is unkempt, tangled, greasy, discolored and dirty. Your surroundings are not yet blind.
Video - How To Stay Young and Beautiful Forever  Let's Know Today ।।

If you have acne, change your diet, stress less, get cortisone injections or do something about it – your face and your teeth are like your calling card.

If you have crooked teeth, get braces or veneers.
Girls: Your nails must look good. Beautiful female hands are a must. Trim, polish and file your nails regularly. Don’t forget a pedicure either.
Gym. Maintain a healthy BMI and try to look naked in the mirror – you be the judge.
Try to eat healthy. Your body is your sanctuary.
Have a good attitude towards life. If you are a pessimistic, whiny, pain in the ass, you will never shine. You will only be a burden to others and to yourself – so lighten up, meditate, go to the beach, surf, re-evaluate your priorities in life, understand that life is short and that it is better to smile than to be laughed at.
When you are in lust or in love, you shine. So go out, talk to people, grow, live, skydive, fail, succeed – but do something. Don’t sit on your bum all day because life will never adjust. You have to adapt to life.

This is all common sense, but not common practice as people still try to replace showers with 5 gallons of perfume.
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1 Comment

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