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If gravity exists, why doesn’t the Moon fall to Earth?



If gravity exists, why doesn't the Moon fall to Earth

If gravity exists, why doesn’t the Moon fall to Earth?

Sir Isaac Newton has answered this question of yours through a thought experiment in his book A Treatise of the System of the World. According to him, if a body gets enough velocity, it can reach free space from the effect of gravity.
For his hypothesis, he took a cannonball and freed it from the highest mountain on Earth (Agni). If the velocity of this cannon ball will be less (0 to 6000 m / s), then it will come back to the earth after going some distance. see drawing-
If the velocity of the cannonball is equal to the orbital velocity (7300 m/s), it will orbit the Earth in a fixed circular orbit.
If the cannonball attains this velocity (less than the escape velocity), it will continue to orbit the Earth in an elliptical orbit.
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1 Comment

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