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“According to a news report, a private school in Washington recently had a special problem. Many 12-year-old girls started using lipstick and applied it in the bathroom. That was fine, but after applying his lipstick, he pressed his lips against the mirror, leaving dozens of small lip marks. Every night the maintenance man removes them and the girls put them back the next day. Finally the principal decided to do something. 
He called all the girls to the bathroom and met the maintenance man there. She explained that all these lipprints are becoming a big problem for the custodian who has to clean the glasses at night. He asked the maintenance man to show him how difficult it is to clean the glasses and how much care the girls need. He pulled out a long-handed squeeze, dipped it into the toilet, and wiped the glass with it. Since then, there has been no lip stamp on the mirror. There are teachers, and then there are teachers … “
Source: Everything is strangely beautiful and awesome
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