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None of the mass protests after the Honolulu Police Shooting Dead a Black Man



None of the mass protests after the Honolulu Police Shooting Dead a Black Man

None of the mass protests after the Honolulu Police Shooting Dead a Black Man

The Honolulu police department, shot and killed Lindani Myeny, a black man who moved to Hawaii with her husband and three months later, in the belief that it would be safer to raise her two black children. 

Lindsi Mayeni and his south African wife, and moved to Hawaii, where they grew up, in the belief that it would be safer to raise her two black children are more than one, of the united states government. 

In the three months after the arrival of the Honolulu police department, shot and killed his wife, the 29-year-old Lindani Myeny, a black man. 
“We never would have thought that such a thing could ever happen there,” He Myeny, a white woman, told the Associated Press in an interview at the Empanga is in the husband’s home town in the Kwazulu-Natal province. 

For some, the death of Lindani Myeny, and the slowing down of the reaction of the local people, is a reminder that it’s not in the racial harmony of the paradise, of which they think it is. 
A man and a woman, who moved from Honolulu, mostly white, to the city in the month of January. 

Honolulu, Hawaii, where white people constitute the majority, and many of the people identify themselves with multiple ethnic groups, which I have heard, ” while We are well-rested in order to be a rich place.” 
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city and 1.5 million of them-is the Hawaiians, and only 3.6% are Black. But, in Honolulu, women accounted for only 7% of the people that the police, in addition to the board this year was an employee of the force, according to the Honolulu Police department, as of 2019. 


Even though there have been a few local events, and a small protest, which is the death of the Mayeni is, it is not the reason for the name is a disturbance seen in somewhere else, after the death of George Riley, a black man who was killed last year by a white Minnesota, officers, and other police killings. 
Mayeni’s death “could have triggered widespread protests, some other way in the city,” said Kenneth Lawson, a black professor of law at the University of Hawaii Law School. 

“When you told me that you live in a paradise,” and you can say that it’s a haven for people of color, it makes people feel uncomfortable,” he said. 
One of the reasons for the lack of thought, according to him, the police released all the details of what was going on. “They want us to see what has been sent down to them,” he said. 

According to a report to the police about the fatal shooting, Mayeni in a stranger’s house, he sat down and took off her shoes, asking the terrified passengers to call 911. At home, after leaving, he was ignored by the team’s invitation to the sleep of the ground and physically assaulted the police, resulting in one of them, a concussion, police said. 
The police also released two short clips from the security cameras, but in the darkness it’s hard to make out what it is that’s going on. Three shots, and then the officer said:” the 

This is a trial, if the limitless death At the Myeny toward waikiki, Honolulu, and claimed that the police were ” motivated by racial discrimination against people of African descent, Mr. Myeny.” 
Just black, he’s in a meeting, “which can pose a threat, as an Asian woman, who called 911 in need of protection,” he said. 
“And I think that a lot of of the the the African-Americans who live here, are grossly violated,” he said. “Is that why they are going out?” Not really.” 


According to him, there are a number of reasons for this, among other things, by the people, of the military, they can be mounted to open to protest, or that he is awaiting the results of the investigation of the shooting. 
Ethan Caldwell, who has a black and Asian descent, and is an assistant professor of ethnic studies at the University of Hawaii, said that he, personally, can relate to the family, and the Mayeni know that Hawaii is going to be a relatively secure environment. 

“I always ask my students a question:” Who is the ‘safer’ for?” “Black people were of the Hawaiian kingdom over the illegal annexation of, but we rarely get to see, to hear, to separate her from the conflict in the Hawaiian islands, they are now.” 
Even though it’s one of the few places where people of color make up the majority, there is still an anti-black-and humor-on an institutional and individual level, ” said he, Honolulu, businesses boarded up their windows in front of the quiet, black-and-living last year. 

“We really feel like this, at the same level, there is racism and anti-blackness, and discrimination in this way, on the continent, but this does not mean that we are still faced with microaggressions on a daily basis, in addition to some of the people,” Caldwell said. “I think some people might be more than you are willing to deal with, because it doesn’t mean that their lives are in danger.” 
“But I think when it comes down to, and then, as appropriate, to shorten the distance, and the fact that it’s happening here as well, some of it is an issue,” he said, with reference to the Honolulu police, fire, and murder of a 16-year-old Micronesian boy, on April 5. 

Another possible cause of death was not based on a lot of the protests is that it’s trying to be that, unlike the battle on the US mainland, ” said Akiyomi Glenn, co-founder and chief executive officer of the Palace of Projects,as a group, the name that the use of the Hawaiian language, the word for that is, for plants with a dark purple or black berries, which have been attributed to black people. 
To admit to the fact that Hawaii is home to one of the children of the race in the fight against crime, and in other parts of the country), “exploding the myth that this is a true paradise, whether it is a racial paradise, or as a holiday paradise, of all of the issues on the mainland,” he said. 


Before He’s death, the Mayeni said that his wife had experienced racial abuse in his address in the island of Hawaii. He recalls that, after a month spent here, he is hugging her, and when he came back to the fitness center, and thanked her for bringing him to the island of Hawaii. 
“The people are warm and friendly, and they’re the top,” he said. “And all I loved, south Africa, Hawaii, have a lot of them.” 
The Denver police stopped him while walking, because he was, according to the description of a criminal suspect. In south Africa, he was awarded for the “dirty look” from the a few of the white people, and I could see him as a black man. 

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