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6 Inconsistent ways to ensure happy relationships



6 Inconsistent ways to ensure happy relationships

6 Inconsistent ways to ensure happy relationships

There are certain rules of common sense that must be followed by all good relationships. For example, it is important to communicate your concerns before the problem reaches 11 on the 10-point scale. It is also important that you develop at least a few similar interests in order to build a good relationship. That being said, there are certain behaviors that may appear to be facial tabs, but they can actually contribute to happy relationships and lead to a higher quality of life. Here are six amazing strategies that can save your relationship.

Talking About Past Relationships Should Not Be Limited
Exes shape who we are and even influence our future romantic relationship. As uncomfortable as it may seem, there are times when it is important to discuss the lessons you have learned from previous relationships. It shows openness and honesty, and it also shows that you are moving forward. On the other hand, there is one thing you must completely avoid: never compare your current partner with the girls / boys you have dated in the past. Basically, do not “measure up” their good and bad qualities based on personal experience. They do not need those reminders or regular check-ups

Separate Beds And Even Bedrooms Can Be Key
Lovers who sleep separately are a growing trend. In fact, a 2017 study found that a full quarter of married couples did just that. While there is a lot of social pressure to share a bed and a room based on the automatic assumption that couples are not supposed to have love problems, research has actually found that couples sleep better when alone. Problems such as walking around, putting on pajamas, and sneezing can cause great frustration and can lead to nightmares. It should be noted that not all research into how this affects the romantic side of a relationship. But with good planning, you can have the best of both worlds: the closeness you need and the peace of mind you can have.

Discuss finances
It is common to do so privately when it comes to money. After all, why is it someone else’s work you do and how do you choose to use it? But here’s the truth: the primary cause of divorce is financial problems. That is why it is so important to talk about financial matters as soon as you establish a stable relationship. For example, if one of you was in a low financial position but the other was a mandatory manager, you would soon find out how that debt would affect you equally when your money is tightly bound. Agree on a number of important issues such as your home budget and decide how much each of you will contribute to the use and payment of the cable. Set basic rules before you buy big things, otherwise you will be surprised when your partner arrives home in Lamborghini you are definitely not touched.


Find Time Away From Each Other
Like all healthy relationships that require you to escape from time to time on a romantic weekend, it is also important that you have a life that is different from your significant other. Being together 24/7 will not help your relationship, especially if there is no way you can both share 100% common interests. Guys, if you want to go to your favorite sports bar and have a few drinks with friends while watching a great soccer game, that’s it. Likewise, ladies, there is no reason why your partner needs to work like a chaperone when you want to get a latte and chat this afternoon away from your gal friends.
You Do Not Always Have to Eat the same Food
Eating together – especially after a long day at work – is a great way to connect with your partner. But there is no law that says you need to eat the same thing exactly. Since you are accustomed to ordering a variety of courses when eating out, it is best to prepare a different meal. Maybe you love meat but your partner is a vegetarian or vegan! Or you like spicy food while choosing something that really tastes good. Forcing each other to eat when you have a very different choice is a sure fire route to Darkside.

Yes. Society seems to have reached a point where couples who live together now literally text each other every waking moment. While sending a short text wishing you some good luck before a major exam or job interview is a good thing and shows that you are tired, there is no reason to constantly share every single thought that falls into your mind with the text. When you have world-class news to share (your sister’s dog gave birth to puppies!), It’s best to tell them face-to-face.

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